Many people wonder what it takes for a man to get to the point where he takes the red pill. Some think it is “cowardly” many condemn men who have made this life altering decision.  I can tell you from experience that taking the red pill is bitter.  Not because the decision to take it made me angry.  Unlike many men it did not make me angry, it made me sad that the culture we live in had come to have this as a necessity for self-preservation.

          I did not experience the “red pill rage” that most men do.  This might have been because I tend to be more adaptable to my circumstances than most people and always make things work for me wherever I can.  There is one thing I know for sure in taking this pill however.  Nothing about it was cowardice.  I accepted the truth of the world we live in and in my book that takes bravery.

          Let me help you better understand the path of the MGTOW man.  We have seen that dating culture as it stands is rife with “gynocentrism” For those unfamiliar with the term it’s just a way of saying that it is showing preferential treatment to women.  If you disagree with me I have some questions for you and I want you to examine them in the commonly accepted dating application.  Who is expected to pay for the dates? Who is expected to text or call first?  Which gender is expected to make the first move?  Which gender takes the majority brunt of rejection?  In reality, which gender is expected to take 100% of the risk and is at the mercy of the other.  Men, that’s who.

          Men who have gone MGTOW are tired and frankly, done with this double standard especially in a society where women have deemed 80% of the male population unsuitable for dating much less anything further.  Those are standards we cannot live up to and we refuse to try.  The definition of insanity is to try something over and over again with the same result but you keep trying the same thing anyway.  MGTOW men have decided their sanity is important.

          On a more in-depth look you will find the society we live in to favor women in the courtroom.  Men who have made that 20% cut are rewarded with a high chance of divorce 80% of which is initiated by the woman in the relationship where he then is drained dry through alimony, child support and in many instances lawsuits on top of these.  This is why men are taking the red pill by the droves.  Remember me mentioning self-preservation?  The gamble at finding the unicorn isn’t worth it.

Men are also very sick of being portrayed as incompetent, stupid, weak and self-centered by mainstream media.  That being said I understand that feminism played a good role in stopping this view being associated to women.  I also acknowledge that this was a wrong that women had to endure for a long time.   I do not agree however, that it is justified to swing that view onto men in some form of vengeance.  My grandfather had an old saying… “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”  That is exactly what is happening here.

Speaking of feminism, let’s take a look into what MGTOW men see in modern-day feminism.  We see that feminist say we are genetically inferior to women. We see them say they are smarter than we are.   We see them make hate marches against us.  Oh yes, I did call them what they are.  We see them push nothing but pro-female agendas under the banner of “gender equality.”  I could go on but I think it is safe to say that the label of feminist has become toxic to it’s core.  If you want change as much as we do, it will have to start with the people that want real equality between us to demolish the term “feminism”  because, let’s face it, the name itself promotes the opposite of equality.

I hope this very basic view of a MGTOW man has helped some people better understand us.

Please feel free to send me your feedback.


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