There has been a standing agreement among MGTOW men that there are different “levels” of MGTOW and that men tend to fluctuate around these levels.  Generally it’s accepted that there are four levels.


  1. Rejects marriage and common-law
  2. Rejects long-term relationships. Has short-term relationships for self-serving purposes.
  3. Rejects all forms of personal relationships with women. May have a few platonic female friends and/or relatives they still associate with.
  4. Partial Societal rejection. Withdraws from society as much as is within his power.


I would like to offer up that there is yet another type of MGTOW.  I am not sure where in the level spectrum you could place them because of their circumstance.  But this would be a man who became aware of the red pill and has taken it after they have married.  You see I believe these men can hold the MGTOW mindset even though they are already in a situation where they have signed the marriage contract.  Part of being MGTOW is becoming self-aware.

Some would argue that a man in a marriage contract could not go their own way, that it is impossible.  I argue that an industrious man, one that embodies his own will and makes the best out of his situation no matter what that situation may be.  I will not be the man who discredits my brother because he unknowingly fell into a trap.  Why would I deny him the right to be sovereign to himself when only a man can choose for himself?  No, I say we help these men as we can.

So yes, I believe a married man can become MGTOW after he has put himself in this situation and that these are the MGTOW brothers in the most danger.  Self-preservation is hardest when you are already in the belly of the beast.

Feel free to contact me with your thoughts.


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