So, with my CPU acting up over the past few weeks and not being able to produce media content, I wanted to at least update my fan base by any means necessary as to the happenings in the gender political arena.  Primarily, I am somewhat annoyed and simultaneously amused at the ridiculous things the feminist agenda is whining about this time.


First let’s say thank you to the awesome men at the Westerly Yacht Club of Rhode Island a couple of weeks back for saying no to allowing women full memberships.  wycMen still have one more space where they can just be men without women elbowing in.  Congratulations men, and good job.   It is a small victory for the Meninist and MGTOW movements but it is still a victory.


The ladies failed to get the two thirds majority vote needed by the clubs bylaws to allow them in.  The most humorous aspect of this was that some ladies wanted it to fail because they were convinced some women would get a full membership in an attempt to steal away their boyfriends and husbands….  Hypergamy anyone?

women dont trust women WYC

One of the feminist rebuttals was that not even Taylor Swift who would be eligible to be a member based on zip code could join because of the refusal to let women in.  I can only wonder who cares.  Isn’t Taylor Swift the would be country version of Nickelback?  1112-taylor-swift-getty-10I’ll save you some time and sum up all of her music in one statement.  “He left me.” There, I have saved your ears much trepidation in attempting to listen to Taylor Swift.  You’re welcome.


In the next order of business some members of Hollywood seem surprised that Feminism: the movie, I mean the new Ghostbusters reboot failed.  Really?  That movie was getting negative commentary since it began and people saw what you were doing with it.  Yet, you are surprised.  Wow, thick-headed much?  On top of that, you released it at the same time a much better movie like Star Trek is your competitor.  That was like stacking a pile of trash next to a stack of gold bricks and asking people to choose.  No brainer. GB tanks


Finally I come to this…. Frankly, I cannot believe this was passed into law in some areas or even became a thing.  The subway man spread.  This is what happens when feminist are running out of things to bitch about.  Never mind that ladies take up multiple seats with their bags and what other bullshit they have, we must find fault with the men somehow.


I can only imagine some feminist wake up out of bed and their first thought is how they can annoy men today.  Till next time gents, this has been the Mentalist.


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4 thoughts on “Ridiculous things in feminism over the last few weeks.

      1. We are all in this together even if apart! We are all brother in arms, arms of the humanity against the tyrannical feminist agendas!👍 even if apart we’ll divide and conquer all bullshit! Keep doing what your doing it helps a ton! ☺


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