So as I was reading through the bumbling butt hurt factory that is the feminist and transgender community (Oh yes, I am going there.)  I came across the crowdfunding program that Sarah Silverman is trying to start in order to raise a ludicrous 30 trillion dollars to fuel “closing the pay gap” for women.

Now, if the pay gap existed in the manner in which it was portrayed I would be all for it.  Women should earn just as much as men and I am ok with that.  I would however like to put forth another perspective in which essentially the pay gap is in fact, a myth as a whole.  There are exceptions to every rule but the pay gap is viewed as a blanket so I am going to approach it as such.

I would like to call this theory the “societal reimbursement argument.” Let’s say for a moment that the wage gap did in fact exist.  Great, would it be fair?  Most people would answer no.  I won’t tell you that you are wrong for it but let’s examine all the facts before we answer because there may be more gray area than you have previously perceived.

According to there is in fact a pay gap that can be found in this link.

Here is the graph they use to demonstrate their analysis.

pay gap (economist)

So the wage gap is real, right?  Hmm, maybe there is more we should be looking at.  But what?

The Economist article did state that the major reason for the pay gap was due to the positions that women held.  Not many women are in the higher paying positions.  So why is that?  One reason is that they aren’t choosing to pursue those roles.  Here is some evidence to that statement.

economist percentages.JPG

I am drawing the following info from research done by at the following link:

Here is a graph they use to show jobs that women tend to go for as a majority.

jobs women choose (businessinsider).png

So this shows a large part of the pay gap is quite possibly perpetuated on women by themselves if you take both these articles and put the information together because the pay gap is being calculated vs median income levels.  Ouch, I know that truth stings a little but the evidence is all there.  Let’s move on to another interesting fact.


Did you know that even if you still believe the pay gap is there, because of our societal structure 90 percent of women control the major household spending?  How can that be true?  How can women control more money than men if they make less?  It’s called “domestic spending” most women have control of the finances in the common household.  Info can be found here:

Here are some cut outs that show my points:

personal wealth of women (business insider).JPG


large purchases by women.JPG

This goes to show that “societal reimbursement” I mentioned before.  This shows two prime examples of how the wage gap only exist because women are perpetrating it on themselves and even if it does, they are getting it all back.  Ladies, if you want to close the pay gap stop blaming men and start going for the higher paying positions.  If you want equality after that, start paying your fair share.  You may not like my article, it may downright offend you.  Fortunately, I am okay with that. The old saying goes “the truth hurts.”


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