So in recent events Clementine Ford, an all-round hate mongering douche bag was recently banned from Facebook.  If you search for her you will only find this error screen.

cf ford unavail

I went in search of some of her other social media accounts and found out some other interesting developments.  Her twitter is gone as well!

CF twitter gone

I cannot for the life of me understand how one person can harbor such hate for an entire group of people.  I can tell you however, that this attitude towards men from third wave feminism only drives more men into MGTOW every day.  What attitude you wonder?  Well, one where we are told to die just because we are men, are shamed because of our gender.  Don’t believe it?  Look at these post from this washed up third wave feminist leader.

clem ford hate speech

As you can see she got served a well-deserved ban.  Still think men don’t have a point?  We see this every day in the news, in media, on talk shows and in music.  We have become the targets of a massive amount of gender bias and double standards and the only reason we are given for it is “because patriarchy.”


We are labeled “misogynist” if we so much as disagree with a feminist theory.  Since when was it ok to try shaming people just because they don’t agree with you?  I don’t believe that’s a very conducive way to either change someone’s opinions or make yourself out to be reasonable, do you?


Over the last couple of years men have had to endure being told they are “obsolete” and lately comedian Sarah Silverman has been getting in on the man shaming as well.  On top of her rather ludicrous 30 trillion campaign you can see from this excerpt out of a couple of years ago she was basically telling men they don’t matter in society.

sarah silverman quote

Is this the kind of society we want?  One without equality on either side of the gender dynamic?  This is not the world I want.  I hope we can eventually forge a new path for future generations.  Luckily, the action of Ford getting banned shows that people are waking up to the hate that feminism is spreading towards men and anyone who supports us.  This is a victory and for today, we celebrate it.


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