I just got done reading an article so full of hogwash I just could not sit by and let it stand.  This article was from a woman in her 40’s talking about how nice guys finish best and it could not be more wrong or one sided to the woman’s gynocentric point of view.


She iterated that men come out ahead as nice guys because when women get ready to settle down they want a nice guy.  So, let me get this straight.  I am supposed to spend my young years just preparing for when you decide you want a nice provider, family man and all around beta male and then just accept that you have spent all your young prime and attractive years giving it up to the bad boys that you were too dumb to figure out were never going to be family men? Never going to do what they should or be good to you and now I am supposed to be okay with that?  I think now that your hitting the wall and things aren’t looking so great you just don’t want to end up alone.


Us MGTOW men have a saying.  Men age like wine and women age like milk.  We become more attractive with age while your marketplace value goes down.  Why would we settle on you now when you would not give us the time of day before?  We won’t.


Also, I would probably have to raise his bastard child or children.  Exactly where is the incentive in this for me?  You can try to paint it, twist it or work it any way you want but the truth of that matter is that you are being beyond selfish and trying to use your universal pussy pass to have your cake and eat it too.


Now they wonder how MGTOW started.  No, this is not fair to men and you should be ashamed of yourselves for expecting it.  You constantly go around talking about how you want to be treated like a queen but you treat your men like garbage, you make us disposable, utilitarian and when you don’t always get your way you become raving bitches to us.


The tides are turning ladies.  Until you learn how to become respectable in a relationship MGTOW will grow and eventually you will all be alone until you catch the memo.  Until then, this is how we will view women with this kind of attitude.


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