Michelle Obama: Sexist

Who knew the first lady was sexist?  I certainly did not but as time goes on I am starting to wonder why these self-entitled waste of space called feminist surprise me anymore.  I was just reading over an article in MRCTV.ORG and found a piece written by Ashley Rae Goldenburg.

obama said what

In this piece Goldenburg quoted a conversation between first lady Obama and Oprah Winfery.  Michelle Obama goes on in this piece to state that men do not have demands on their time that make them prioritize in the way that women do.  That is laughable when your husband literally holds the world up on his shoulders dealing with global politics on a daily basis.

micelle obama being sexist

Please explain to me how you have more priorities on your time than the president of the United States!  This statement from her cannot show how truly conceited western women have gotten.  This self-entitlement flows from the very top of the feminist ladder and poisons every other aspect of our society that deals with real gender equality.


You may not like Milo Yiannopoulos but at least his statement that feminism having become cancerous rings true.  Is it any surprise MGTOW grows daily?  I have been personally welcoming more and more MGTOW brothers into the fold every day.  I am proud to see so many men standing up and putting their fist into the air cheering that they won’t take this bullshit anymore!


Spread the word men.  The mentalist is with you.


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2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama: Sexist

  1. M. Obama demonstrates the divide between the privileged elites and the majority of the working population. She has obviously never worked for a living and seen how men have to cope with the multitude of pressures of modern life. It’s also noteworthy that feminists all seem to come from privileged backgrounds and also tend to be narcissistic.

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