Ok first lady Obama.  You continue to amaze me in your fight for gender superiority.  That’s right, I said superiority.  Like most feminist in today’s age.  You have perpetuated yourself into a bias that flies a flag of equality but it is a false banner.  I’ve now seen more than one report of you talking about gender equality where you do no such thing.


Why do I say that? Because on top of being sexist even against your own husband, the president as I showed in my last article, now I see you a few months back once again talking with Oprah and your catch phrase directed solely to men was “be better.”


be better.

Now as a man I can expect that we can all do better….all of us.  Including women also.  It was inexcusable to lump all the blame on men but that is a typical victim move that feminist deploy.  I wouldn’t expect any of you to take any responsibility for your own actions or a part of the blame in the gender equality.  You know, because patriarchy.

maxresdefault (2)

Misogyny…. I thought I would get that one out of the way for you too. Seriously, are any of you so called gender equality speakers ever going to address that there are cultural expectations that women still have on men that in a world of equality is nothing more than a sad double standard? Probably not, all I have seen is you furthering agendas that help your gender and that is not equality.


Until next time.  This is the MentalistMGTOW

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