I was asked to do a donation piece on male feminism.  Thank you to the person who donated.  Here are my thoughts on this.  Male feminist have only a few possible mindsets when it comes to supporting feminism in today’s third wave trend.


One is the mindset of what many MGTOW call the “pussy beggar” which is also regarded as the biggest “simp” there is.  It is a popular opinion that many of them only support this cause because it will allow them access to their female overlords easier and they cower at the power of the almighty vagina.  MGTOW men laugh at these individuals because they have stripped the sexual marketplace value away from women by opting out of this mindset.

real pro.jpg

Another opinion is that these men are brainwashed by a female superiority culture in which all things are the fault of the “patriarchy.” Television, social media and many other sources of influence seem to feed into this belief even though there is plenty of evidence to show gender injustices on both sides of the fence and men suffer just as many if not more than women.  The most basic interpretation is that these men are ignorant to the plight of their own gender.


The last one I want to cover is known as the “white knight” or the “beta male protector” by many MGTOW.  These are men that fully believe they are doing the noble thing by supporting feminism.  These men can’t be blamed to harshly for their behavior and beliefs because men have been wired for centuries to follow this course.  They were likely taught even as many MGTOW were that women were to be cherished, protected and cared for by men.  They still love women and will fight for them, some even to the death.


These are you general types of male feminist.  To those men I have a statement on behalf of MGTOW.  We get it.  We were all just like you at one time.  All of us.  We all just decided we were tired of getting kicked in the balls by feminism and the double standards that are imposed on us by women and society.  One day, until there is change you will all come to this conclusion also.  It may take your entire lives but I bet if you sit down and have a moment of real self-reflection on your own experiences and the society we live in you will come to our way of thinking and realize why we have chosen this path.  When you do, know that us MGTOW men will welcome you into our ranks with acceptance and kindness because every one of us has been down the same road to the place we are now.  We are all men, We are all MGTOW.


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