Rape: 1 in 4? I Think Not

Let’s go ahead and have that uncomfortable conversation I am so tired of hearing about.  Rape… I hear so many feminist spouting off this 1 in 4 statistic and the answer is still no, it’s not 1 in 4 in America and it never was no matter what your under-informed WWGS professor tried to convince you of.


So where does this statistic showing 25% come from.  I shit you not…. A telephone survey conducted in 2012.  Fun fact, even when the study was reviewed by unbiased parties they found a lot of confirmation bias in this study which basically means that the results were skewed to favor in the direction that rape was more prevalent than it actually was.  Once confronted with this evidence the women that conducted the study conceded that the real numbers were actually more along the lines of 5%.


While we are here will we be addressing the 300,000 reports per year of male on male rape in prison?  No?  of course we won’t because then we would have real facts and numbers to show that it’s actually males getting raped more than women with actual facts and numbers and that just won’t do because “male privilege” and “patriarchy”.

Another set of words on the subject I am tired of hearing is “rape culture”.  Let’s logically pick this apart starting with the definition of culture.


culture – the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.



What the hell does rape and culture even have in common enough to belong next to each other?  There is nothing intellectual or artistic in rape!  The title itself is inane and you must have a mental block to think this is a thing!  Even if I took it at face value that also means I must lock my car and my house because I live in a “theft culture.”


You don’t want to believe me, fine.  But at least do yourself the justice of not being a placated sheep and go do some research yourself from reputable sources.  I’ll get you started.  Here is a great one.


Also, just to piss off a few other SJW’s I ate steak while writing this.  It was great.

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