Today I enter a subject that for the majority of the time I avoid and stay silent about because there usually just isn’t I good way to go about breaching it.  Politics, That’s right I said I will finally throw my hat into the arena of the election, Trump, Hillary, and a few other things but only up to a certain point and likely I am going to piss off people both in the MRA and MGTOW circles as well as continuing to piss off people in the Feminist circles.  Frankly, I am fine with both as I have never created my content to please others but more to air material that hopefully makes people think.


First lets get this out of the way.  I hated both valid candidates.  I did not stutter, I don’t support either of them and I don’t back Trump even now.  I honestly think if the DNC could have gotten their shit together and our political system wasn’t crippled by the status quo Bernie would be sitting on the Iron Throne.  My little joke about being POTUS but let’s face it.  The president is the most powerful person in the world.

However, the system has spoken and Trump is here.  He is making shit choices for his cabinet already as our newest part time president but whatever.  I do see why the MRA and MGTOW community backed him for many reasons.  Now one is just pure red pill rage at not letting a woman wear the crown and that’s all fine and good, individual reasons are what they are and we all have emotions that we deal with that play into our decision making.  It’s part of being human.  I do it, you do it, we all do.

However, there are other reasons that this happened as well aside from this being a blow back from the silent majority against a society that is starting to become a pile of politically correct goop that seems to somehow get a gold medal in the oppression Olympics and has made a career option out of victimhood.


I read an article today in Huffington Post by Claire Landbaum that makes a roundabout mention to the MRA community going alt-right but she never quite seems to have a real grasp on the movement and why that happened.  It wasn’t just about Trump being a man and his statements about Women having it better or about him stomping on political correctness even though he did.  Here is why he won over this movement.  It’s pretty simple.  The things he said resonated and created identity with a lot of MRA and MGTOW men.  That’s it.  Feminist pushed too hard and went too far and the bomb they built blew up in their faces.

For this reason tens of thousands of votes if not far more from this community alone went to Trump and unlike other groups they didn’t block roads, create riots or disrupt the civil peace.  They spread ideology that other men identified with while using the hate fueled political out lash of third wave as an example to prove their arguments for them such as the constant cancelling of the Red Pill movie because feminist are afraid of someone hearing a point of view that isn’t theirs.   They fought their battle with ballots and won.  Now might be the time to consider coming to the table and opening an open-minded discussion with these gentlemen because this was an example of how things are going and what tactics are not going to win the fight.  In fact, this was a huge blow to third wavers and if they are smart, it’s a wake up call as well.

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