I figured the best response was using her exact words against her by flipping the tables so it could be seen how it sounds from the other side of the table.  with that said I an citing the resource for comparison and resource material.

http://elitedaily.com/dating/men-pssies-women-need-start-asking-men-dates/746965/ by Lauren Martin 9/9/2014

Men, it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

There’s no dishwashing, no anytime sex and definitely no free drinks given to you instead of the other way around. There’s no taking off pants or courting through female invitation. There are no smooth moves, no dresses to dinner. There are no blowjobs, no tables with home cooked meals. But, most importantly, there are no dates.

If you’re a single man, you probably envisioned your twenties as a roaring social scene full of fun women and lavish gifts from ladies. You probably thought you’d have a girlfriend, or at least a few dates a week.

You probably thought you’d meet a girl at a bar and that she’d give you her number. You probably thought you’d be on your way to dinner next week.

After too many nights spent in bars and one too many phone numbers taken, you’ve probably realized the sad truth of the situation. You’re not going on any dates or being courted in any type of manner because, unfortunately, women these days are cowards.

Well — to be fair here — not all women, but a lot of them.

They’ll make eye contact with you in the bar, but never come over. They’ll get your number, but never call. They’ll offer to take your drink, but never pay.

They’ll say a guy is hot, but never hit on him. They’ll text you for a week, but never commit to go out. They’ll do absolutely everything but make a move.

I’ve watched women pine over men, talking about them like future husbands, yet after staring at them for two hours, let them walk away.

I’ve watched men chase women down for their phone numbers, yet text them and get no answer, acting like it’s something they simply forgot about. I’ve watched women spend an entire night talking to a man, yet never get up the nerve to give him her number.

We’re dealing with a new breed of women here and it’s not the kind we grew up dreaming about. It’s the want-what-I-want-but-don’t-know-how-to-get-it type; it’s the deceptive and bitchy type who grow up terrified of making the first move; it’s the ladies who have so much to say but don’t know how to say it.

Now, the unfortunate paradox for a man is that he must be the chased and the chaser. He must be the target and the shooter. He must play coy and simultaneously pursue her.

Anyone notice the problem here? Yet again, men are left to do all the work. We’re left playing both sides of the game because they’ve simply forgotten how to play.

It stems from a number of factors, but most prominently from the fact that women don’t know what the hell they want from us. They want the sensitive man and the bad boy. They want the man whore and the committed male. They want the man who’s hard to get, but they don’t know how to get him.

Because they don’t know what they want, they end up chasing nothing. It’s the dilemma of the overcrowded buffet. There are too many options so they choose an empty plate… or something they don’t even like to begin with.

This leaves men making all the moves. We must tell them what they want if we’re to get anywhere close to the goals we had for ourselves. But it will never be as we fully imagined because, in our dreams, women weren’t timid or scared little girls; in our dreams, women are equals and also ask us out.

They’re scared of you

They’ll never admit it, but you scare the hell out of them. After years of social conditioning, we’ve been duped into thinking that women are strong; that they can also be leaders, and fighters alongside men; that they are capable of seeing what they want and go after it.

Well, TV and feminism lied to you. Women aren’t these feminine displays of strength and perseverance. They aren’t these persistent characters created by Joss Whedon and Michelle Obama. They aren’t going to catch your eye and spend all night convincing you why you should be with them. They aren’t Audrey Hepburn’s. They aren’t Sigourney Weaver’s.

Women are shy, timid and scared shitless of any man with half a brain.

It’s said that the female ego is as fragile as a man’s heart and unfortunately for men, women won’t take the chance of letting it shatter. While men willingly put themselves out there, women stand back, scared of the tiniest bruise on their overinflated self-image. So yet again, men must be the strong ones. We must put ourselves out there and risk rejection. Because if we don’t do it, bars will soon be exactly like those middle school dances: boys on one side, girls on the other.

They got it from their mamas

Why are women like this? Well, for years they’ve been raised by their mamas, the women who told them they were the best thing God created on this earth. For years, they’ve been given everything on a silver platter — up until the end of college when they were picking up men who just threw up their jungle juice.

Of course, some mothers have raised great women. This isn’t to discredit the generation of mothers before us who raised the myriad of young women we’re dealing with today. But for the select few who didn’t teach them how to properly court a man, well, shame on you.

Shame on you for not teaching them how to properly approach a man. Shame on you for giving them the idea that men must always go to them. Shame on you for making them believe all they had to do was stand at a bar and wait for a man to appear on their arm.

They think there’s always someone better

In the society in which we live today, with Brad Pitt and Jhonny Depp’s Instagrams readily accessible, men have got a lot to compete with. Fortunately, we’re competing with men these women will never have a shot with. Unfortunately, these women don’t seem to know this.

We can dream about Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston all we want, but at least men are rational enough to understand that’s just not gonna happen. So we settle for the options we’ve been given and learn to work with what we have.

Women, on the other hand, always seem to be waiting for something better. In the age of Facebook and Instagram, there’s this constant filtered delusion that a hotter man sits just an inbox away.

Women also know that if they don’t get up the nerve to ask you out, all they have to do is swipe right on Tinder to skip the date and get right to the good stuff.

They never grew up

In a sad, but not all that surprising, realization that as men mature they become more desirable by society as women’s sexual marketplace value decreases.  Didn’t we already know this?

To add insult to the few dates you have yet to go on, women are also getting married less than ever before. According to a study by Pew Research Center, only 26 percent of Generation-Y is married. Compared to the 48 percent of our parents at this age, there’s no denying that women just don’t have their shit together.

We’re dating less and thus, marrying less. And the downfall picks up speed with every failed attempt to go out with a man.

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