To adequately describe the differences in these movements I will first define each on and give an example of its purpose.

Let’s start with the MRA.  The MRA or “Men’s Rights Movement” focuses on reparation of injustices committed upon men and boys as well as the eventual reparation of the schism between men and women in this “war of the sexes”.
Examples of what they do would be fighting for the right of boys to not suffer genital mutilation upon birth and fighting for the rights of fathers in family court settings to name a couple as well as spreading general awareness of men’s issues as a whole.

Next let’s look at the MGTOW which I personally float between the MGTOW and MRA circles.

MGTOW does not focus on any activism whatsoever except maybe simply making men aware of “female nature” and opening eyes to “the red pill” which I will define further in a moment.  Ultimately, MGTOW want to let society implode on itself and help it along by taking the red pill and using the knowledge of that truth to turn societal systems that use men for resources in on itself by not feeding the machine that uses them.
MGTOW stands for “Men Going Their Own Way” meaning that they are going their way independent of female influence in their lives.  You have several “levels” of MGTOW ranging from just being aware of the existence of female nature to be covered in defining “the red pill” all the way to being a hermit that lives off the grid and away from society.  You will see a lot of emphasis on resource acquisition and hoarding in this movement as it tends to have heavy focus on financial security as well as emphasis on physical health.

Examples of MGTOW would be men whom refuse to date because they feel it is a losing financial investment based on cost/benefit analysis.  They typically tend to cite divorce rates and the cost of divorce as a whole for men (lawyers/court/alimony/child support) equaling up to a bad investment of time, energy and resources based on studies done about dating culture and statistics from the justice department about how the state is used by a gynocentric society to extract resources from men and place them in the hands of women.


Next you have the “PUA” or “Pick up Artist” movement which I deal less with though I used to be one in my own right.  These men tend to research the psychology of dating and learn how to self-improve to make themselves more desirable to women.  All this is to master the art of seduction and improve on their own physical and mental well-being.  Examples of these men would be any men who follow seduction coaching to further their “game” with women.  They typically shun long term relationships of any kind.
There is also another movement called the “TFL” or “True Forced Loneliness” movement but all I know on them is that they seem to believe that because of the overly high dating standards that women have most men are considered out of the dating pool for men.  Though this is backed up with dating studies done with major dating sites such as  I won’t speak on them more than that however because my knowledge there is limited.
Now, A couple of other terms to be familiar with is of course “The Red Pill”, “The Blue Pill” and the “Man’o’sphere”.


“The Red Pill” is simply an awakening to an uncomfortable truth that the society we live in is not what it seems.  Under the surface, Gynocentrisim (a society built to the benefit of women) is actually a truth that exist.  This is evident in family courts as mentioned earlier but also in the preferential treatment of women in the concepts of culture though many means.
Take the concept of “chivalry” in its modern connotation for example.  “Chivalry” is meant in current form as a means by which men sacrifice for women.  This could be their time, knowledge or their resources.  It could also be some combination of all these things.  In example, paying for her dinner instead of going Dutch.  This is an extraction of resources that is very common place under the flag of “being the gentleman or chivalrous behavior”.

There is a common belief that both MRA and MGTOW share regarding this and that belief states that it is female nature as a result of social conditioning to extract resources from men.  I could spend a lot of time expounding on this alone but let’s move forward.

“The Blue Pill” is much simpler it is just being unaware, or blind with no interest of learning about “The Red Pill”.


It might be of interest to note there is also a term called “The Purple Pill” that refers to people whom are aware of “the red pill” but purposefully reject it or try to maintain faith in current society after seeing “the truth”.
The “Man’o’sphere” is also relatively easy to define.  It is just the all-encompassing entity that is these different pro male movements.  Each movement exist inside the “Man’o’sphere’”.
I hope that even though this was a bit long it helps define things more clearly.
The Mentalist



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