I just hit the close button on my video player after watching the red pill and I am sitting in stunned silence as I write this piece.  There is such a mixed bag of emotions running through me right now.  This documentary was so comprehensive yet there was still so much more to say that even two and a half hours of laser focused content could never cover it all.


There is at least a hint of relief that our voices are finally uniting as men to be heard and yet, we are still silenced.  I am angry at the completely misandrist commentary I heard out of people carrying a flag under the guise of equality saying that there is “no way we can be taken seriously”.  Yet here we are, growing in number every day with men and women by the thousands waking up and taking a red pill, seeing the rabbit hole of this war of the sexes and that there is in fact more than a single narrative to take into consideration.


I am humbled at my now more enlightened view of the issues I have studied over these past two years and astounded by the sheer convolution of our court systems involving fathers’ rights, the rights of battered men and the lack of resources they are presented with and the trained ignorance of our society to the suffering of men and boys.  I am infuriated at the “acceptable casualties“ that are the disposable males in our culture and not just in the west but around the globe, the idea that men are just there to produce and die.


But what I can’t grasp the most is this.  How can feminist who claim to be about equality for us all try to oppress and silence us at every turn?  How is this compassion?  Why are my concerns as a fellow human of this planet not important especially when it involves very serious issues like my health, my well-being, my right to not be beaten, my right to not be mutilated, or my children?  When men’s rights actuvust just want to talk why do they show up with loudspeakers, call us names, spit on us and strike at us all in the name of equality and peace?


These are my true and raw reactions to seeing the red pill.  I hope you watch it too.


The Mentalist





One thought on “I just watched “The Red Pill”

  1. Feminists seek to drown out the voices of men and women telling the truth regarding gender issues, for the same reason white supremists sought to drown out the voices of those speaking out in regards to racial issues during the Civil rights movement.

    Feminists fear men just as white supremists fear blacks and other minority groups…

    The denigration of the Jews in pre Nazi Germany that eventually led to the murder of 6 million Jews under Hitler. ..

    The denigration of African- Americans that led to Slavery and the imposition of Jim Crow laws in the South after the Civil War. ..

    And the denigration of Men by the feminists in our so called enlightened modern day society…

    All have this in common:

    1) Fear of the other

    2) Cultivated Superiority and Bigotry


    3) Pseudo science masquerading as truth


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