Fan Request: Response to old article by Lauren Martin of Elite Daily

Fan Request: Response to old article by Lauren Martin of Elite Daily

I figured the best response was using her exact words against her by flipping the tables so it could be seen how it sounds from the other side of the table.  with that said I an citing the resource for comparison and resource material. by Lauren Martin 9/9/2014

Men, it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

There’s no dishwashing, no anytime sex and definitely no free drinks given to you instead of the other way around. There’s no taking off pants or courting through female invitation. There are no smooth moves, no dresses to dinner. There are no blowjobs, no tables with home cooked meals. But, most importantly, there are no dates.

If you’re a single man, you probably envisioned your twenties as a roaring social scene full of fun women and lavish gifts from ladies. You probably thought you’d have a girlfriend, or at least a few dates a week.

You probably thought you’d meet a girl at a bar and that she’d give you her number. You probably thought you’d be on your way to dinner next week.

After too many nights spent in bars and one too many phone numbers taken, you’ve probably realized the sad truth of the situation. You’re not going on any dates or being courted in any type of manner because, unfortunately, women these days are cowards.

Well — to be fair here — not all women, but a lot of them.

They’ll make eye contact with you in the bar, but never come over. They’ll get your number, but never call. They’ll offer to take your drink, but never pay.

They’ll say a guy is hot, but never hit on him. They’ll text you for a week, but never commit to go out. They’ll do absolutely everything but make a move.

I’ve watched women pine over men, talking about them like future husbands, yet after staring at them for two hours, let them walk away.

I’ve watched men chase women down for their phone numbers, yet text them and get no answer, acting like it’s something they simply forgot about. I’ve watched women spend an entire night talking to a man, yet never get up the nerve to give him her number.

We’re dealing with a new breed of women here and it’s not the kind we grew up dreaming about. It’s the want-what-I-want-but-don’t-know-how-to-get-it type; it’s the deceptive and bitchy type who grow up terrified of making the first move; it’s the ladies who have so much to say but don’t know how to say it.

Now, the unfortunate paradox for a man is that he must be the chased and the chaser. He must be the target and the shooter. He must play coy and simultaneously pursue her.

Anyone notice the problem here? Yet again, men are left to do all the work. We’re left playing both sides of the game because they’ve simply forgotten how to play.

It stems from a number of factors, but most prominently from the fact that women don’t know what the hell they want from us. They want the sensitive man and the bad boy. They want the man whore and the committed male. They want the man who’s hard to get, but they don’t know how to get him.

Because they don’t know what they want, they end up chasing nothing. It’s the dilemma of the overcrowded buffet. There are too many options so they choose an empty plate… or something they don’t even like to begin with.

This leaves men making all the moves. We must tell them what they want if we’re to get anywhere close to the goals we had for ourselves. But it will never be as we fully imagined because, in our dreams, women weren’t timid or scared little girls; in our dreams, women are equals and also ask us out.

They’re scared of you

They’ll never admit it, but you scare the hell out of them. After years of social conditioning, we’ve been duped into thinking that women are strong; that they can also be leaders, and fighters alongside men; that they are capable of seeing what they want and go after it.

Well, TV and feminism lied to you. Women aren’t these feminine displays of strength and perseverance. They aren’t these persistent characters created by Joss Whedon and Michelle Obama. They aren’t going to catch your eye and spend all night convincing you why you should be with them. They aren’t Audrey Hepburn’s. They aren’t Sigourney Weaver’s.

Women are shy, timid and scared shitless of any man with half a brain.

It’s said that the female ego is as fragile as a man’s heart and unfortunately for men, women won’t take the chance of letting it shatter. While men willingly put themselves out there, women stand back, scared of the tiniest bruise on their overinflated self-image. So yet again, men must be the strong ones. We must put ourselves out there and risk rejection. Because if we don’t do it, bars will soon be exactly like those middle school dances: boys on one side, girls on the other.

They got it from their mamas

Why are women like this? Well, for years they’ve been raised by their mamas, the women who told them they were the best thing God created on this earth. For years, they’ve been given everything on a silver platter — up until the end of college when they were picking up men who just threw up their jungle juice.

Of course, some mothers have raised great women. This isn’t to discredit the generation of mothers before us who raised the myriad of young women we’re dealing with today. But for the select few who didn’t teach them how to properly court a man, well, shame on you.

Shame on you for not teaching them how to properly approach a man. Shame on you for giving them the idea that men must always go to them. Shame on you for making them believe all they had to do was stand at a bar and wait for a man to appear on their arm.

They think there’s always someone better

In the society in which we live today, with Brad Pitt and Jhonny Depp’s Instagrams readily accessible, men have got a lot to compete with. Fortunately, we’re competing with men these women will never have a shot with. Unfortunately, these women don’t seem to know this.

We can dream about Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston all we want, but at least men are rational enough to understand that’s just not gonna happen. So we settle for the options we’ve been given and learn to work with what we have.

Women, on the other hand, always seem to be waiting for something better. In the age of Facebook and Instagram, there’s this constant filtered delusion that a hotter man sits just an inbox away.

Women also know that if they don’t get up the nerve to ask you out, all they have to do is swipe right on Tinder to skip the date and get right to the good stuff.

They never grew up

In a sad, but not all that surprising, realization that as men mature they become more desirable by society as women’s sexual marketplace value decreases.  Didn’t we already know this?

To add insult to the few dates you have yet to go on, women are also getting married less than ever before. According to a study by Pew Research Center, only 26 percent of Generation-Y is married. Compared to the 48 percent of our parents at this age, there’s no denying that women just don’t have their shit together.

We’re dating less and thus, marrying less. And the downfall picks up speed with every failed attempt to go out with a man.

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Reflection on Politics 2016

Reflection on Politics 2016

Today I enter a subject that for the majority of the time I avoid and stay silent about because there usually just isn’t I good way to go about breaching it.  Politics, That’s right I said I will finally throw my hat into the arena of the election, Trump, Hillary, and a few other things but only up to a certain point and likely I am going to piss off people both in the MRA and MGTOW circles as well as continuing to piss off people in the Feminist circles.  Frankly, I am fine with both as I have never created my content to please others but more to air material that hopefully makes people think.


First lets get this out of the way.  I hated both valid candidates.  I did not stutter, I don’t support either of them and I don’t back Trump even now.  I honestly think if the DNC could have gotten their shit together and our political system wasn’t crippled by the status quo Bernie would be sitting on the Iron Throne.  My little joke about being POTUS but let’s face it.  The president is the most powerful person in the world.

However, the system has spoken and Trump is here.  He is making shit choices for his cabinet already as our newest part time president but whatever.  I do see why the MRA and MGTOW community backed him for many reasons.  Now one is just pure red pill rage at not letting a woman wear the crown and that’s all fine and good, individual reasons are what they are and we all have emotions that we deal with that play into our decision making.  It’s part of being human.  I do it, you do it, we all do.

However, there are other reasons that this happened as well aside from this being a blow back from the silent majority against a society that is starting to become a pile of politically correct goop that seems to somehow get a gold medal in the oppression Olympics and has made a career option out of victimhood.


I read an article today in Huffington Post by Claire Landbaum that makes a roundabout mention to the MRA community going alt-right but she never quite seems to have a real grasp on the movement and why that happened.  It wasn’t just about Trump being a man and his statements about Women having it better or about him stomping on political correctness even though he did.  Here is why he won over this movement.  It’s pretty simple.  The things he said resonated and created identity with a lot of MRA and MGTOW men.  That’s it.  Feminist pushed too hard and went too far and the bomb they built blew up in their faces.

For this reason tens of thousands of votes if not far more from this community alone went to Trump and unlike other groups they didn’t block roads, create riots or disrupt the civil peace.  They spread ideology that other men identified with while using the hate fueled political out lash of third wave as an example to prove their arguments for them such as the constant cancelling of the Red Pill movie because feminist are afraid of someone hearing a point of view that isn’t theirs.   They fought their battle with ballots and won.  Now might be the time to consider coming to the table and opening an open-minded discussion with these gentlemen because this was an example of how things are going and what tactics are not going to win the fight.  In fact, this was a huge blow to third wavers and if they are smart, it’s a wake up call as well.

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Rape: 1 in 4? I Think Not

Let’s go ahead and have that uncomfortable conversation I am so tired of hearing about.  Rape… I hear so many feminist spouting off this 1 in 4 statistic and the answer is still no, it’s not 1 in 4 in America and it never was no matter what your under-informed WWGS professor tried to convince you of.


So where does this statistic showing 25% come from.  I shit you not…. A telephone survey conducted in 2012.  Fun fact, even when the study was reviewed by unbiased parties they found a lot of confirmation bias in this study which basically means that the results were skewed to favor in the direction that rape was more prevalent than it actually was.  Once confronted with this evidence the women that conducted the study conceded that the real numbers were actually more along the lines of 5%.


While we are here will we be addressing the 300,000 reports per year of male on male rape in prison?  No?  of course we won’t because then we would have real facts and numbers to show that it’s actually males getting raped more than women with actual facts and numbers and that just won’t do because “male privilege” and “patriarchy”.

Another set of words on the subject I am tired of hearing is “rape culture”.  Let’s logically pick this apart starting with the definition of culture.


culture – the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.



What the hell does rape and culture even have in common enough to belong next to each other?  There is nothing intellectual or artistic in rape!  The title itself is inane and you must have a mental block to think this is a thing!  Even if I took it at face value that also means I must lock my car and my house because I live in a “theft culture.”


You don’t want to believe me, fine.  But at least do yourself the justice of not being a placated sheep and go do some research yourself from reputable sources.  I’ll get you started.  Here is a great one.

Also, just to piss off a few other SJW’s I ate steak while writing this.  It was great.


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The Male Feminist

The Male Feminist

I was asked to do a donation piece on male feminism.  Thank you to the person who donated.  Here are my thoughts on this.  Male feminist have only a few possible mindsets when it comes to supporting feminism in today’s third wave trend.


One is the mindset of what many MGTOW call the “pussy beggar” which is also regarded as the biggest “simp” there is.  It is a popular opinion that many of them only support this cause because it will allow them access to their female overlords easier and they cower at the power of the almighty vagina.  MGTOW men laugh at these individuals because they have stripped the sexual marketplace value away from women by opting out of this mindset.

real pro.jpg

Another opinion is that these men are brainwashed by a female superiority culture in which all things are the fault of the “patriarchy.” Television, social media and many other sources of influence seem to feed into this belief even though there is plenty of evidence to show gender injustices on both sides of the fence and men suffer just as many if not more than women.  The most basic interpretation is that these men are ignorant to the plight of their own gender.


The last one I want to cover is known as the “white knight” or the “beta male protector” by many MGTOW.  These are men that fully believe they are doing the noble thing by supporting feminism.  These men can’t be blamed to harshly for their behavior and beliefs because men have been wired for centuries to follow this course.  They were likely taught even as many MGTOW were that women were to be cherished, protected and cared for by men.  They still love women and will fight for them, some even to the death.


These are you general types of male feminist.  To those men I have a statement on behalf of MGTOW.  We get it.  We were all just like you at one time.  All of us.  We all just decided we were tired of getting kicked in the balls by feminism and the double standards that are imposed on us by women and society.  One day, until there is change you will all come to this conclusion also.  It may take your entire lives but I bet if you sit down and have a moment of real self-reflection on your own experiences and the society we live in you will come to our way of thinking and realize why we have chosen this path.  When you do, know that us MGTOW men will welcome you into our ranks with acceptance and kindness because every one of us has been down the same road to the place we are now.  We are all men, We are all MGTOW.


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You want it all as a single mom?

You want it all as a single mom?

I see a lot of stuff out on the internet that defends single mothers in the dating world.  I see single mothers getting highly defensive about their place in the dating marketplace.  While I have a certain soft spot for a single parent be it a mother or a father I do not condone the attitude I see in single mothers in the realm of dating. Let me explain the problems I see in their general stances.


Usually one of the things you see them say is that their child comes first.  Good, that is as it should be and no one in the realm of sanity would try to date you in you were a crap parent.  However, you also have to consider the mindset a potential partner is having coming into this.  They have to examine from the beginning that if things go well enough they have to accept your baggage it the form of a child from a previous man.  Yes, I just referred to your child as baggage.  Contain your butt hurt and continue reading.


This child is not their responsibility, it is yours.  The other thing that will be your responsibility is balancing your child and the needed time to develop a strong relationship.  If you cannot do that then spare them and stop dating until you can.  It is not fair to try to have someone fill your life as a temporary emotional Band-Aid if the logistics of holding it together aren’t there.  Don’t lead people on.

You may want to also consider putting yourself in the shoes of the man who is even considering dating you.  He is actually considering taking on the responsibility for a life or lives he did not create, has no ties to and he is still standing there?  You say you can’t find a good man….  Is it possible you are completely conceited in your thoughts on what you deserve?  Think about the gravity of being a man and saying yes to this scenario.  There is not a whole lot of other acts a man can make that are as self-sacrificing as being a father to kids that are not his.


All of this is building to me making this point… Our dating society is far too self-serving.  Western society has become too conceited.  Relationships will only begin to hold together and people will only be happy again in them when we stop undervaluing each other.  The reason I have targeted single mothers in this article is that they seem to be the worst.  You have the least to bring to the table and expect the most.  Start getting real.  Be reasonable in your approach or start getting used to being disappointed.


You don’t have to like my perspective, I am just not afraid to give you the insight on how the male mind views this.  To us, this is the truth of dating you.  This is why you are still single mothers.



A thirty three year old childless male that kept it in his pants.


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Michelle Obama: Supporting gender inequality.

Michelle Obama: Supporting gender inequality.

Ok first lady Obama.  You continue to amaze me in your fight for gender superiority.  That’s right, I said superiority.  Like most feminist in today’s age.  You have perpetuated yourself into a bias that flies a flag of equality but it is a false banner.  I’ve now seen more than one report of you talking about gender equality where you do no such thing.


Why do I say that? Because on top of being sexist even against your own husband, the president as I showed in my last article, now I see you a few months back once again talking with Oprah and your catch phrase directed solely to men was “be better.”

be better.

Now as a man I can expect that we can all do better….all of us.  Including women also.  It was inexcusable to lump all the blame on men but that is a typical victim move that feminist deploy.  I wouldn’t expect any of you to take any responsibility for your own actions or a part of the blame in the gender equality.  You know, because patriarchy.

maxresdefault (2)

Misogyny…. I thought I would get that one out of the way for you too. Seriously, are any of you so called gender equality speakers ever going to address that there are cultural expectations that women still have on men that in a world of equality is nothing more than a sad double standard? Probably not, all I have seen is you furthering agendas that help your gender and that is not equality.


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So now you want to settle?

So now you want to settle?

I just got done reading an article so full of hogwash I just could not sit by and let it stand.  This article was from a woman in her 40’s talking about how nice guys finish best and it could not be more wrong or one sided to the woman’s gynocentric point of view.


She iterated that men come out ahead as nice guys because when women get ready to settle down they want a nice guy.  So, let me get this straight.  I am supposed to spend my young years just preparing for when you decide you want a nice provider, family man and all around beta male and then just accept that you have spent all your young prime and attractive years giving it up to the bad boys that you were too dumb to figure out were never going to be family men? Never going to do what they should or be good to you and now I am supposed to be okay with that?  I think now that your hitting the wall and things aren’t looking so great you just don’t want to end up alone.


Us MGTOW men have a saying.  Men age like wine and women age like milk.  We become more attractive with age while your marketplace value goes down.  Why would we settle on you now when you would not give us the time of day before?  We won’t.


Also, I would probably have to raise his bastard child or children.  Exactly where is the incentive in this for me?  You can try to paint it, twist it or work it any way you want but the truth of that matter is that you are being beyond selfish and trying to use your universal pussy pass to have your cake and eat it too.


Now they wonder how MGTOW started.  No, this is not fair to men and you should be ashamed of yourselves for expecting it.  You constantly go around talking about how you want to be treated like a queen but you treat your men like garbage, you make us disposable, utilitarian and when you don’t always get your way you become raving bitches to us.


The tides are turning ladies.  Until you learn how to become respectable in a relationship MGTOW will grow and eventually you will all be alone until you catch the memo.  Until then, this is how we will view women with this kind of attitude.


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