You want it all as a single mom?

You want it all as a single mom?

I see a lot of stuff out on the internet that defends single mothers in the dating world.  I see single mothers getting highly defensive about their place in the dating marketplace.  While I have a certain soft spot for a single parent be it a mother or a father I do not condone the attitude I see in single mothers in the realm of dating. Let me explain the problems I see in their general stances.


Usually one of the things you see them say is that their child comes first.  Good, that is as it should be and no one in the realm of sanity would try to date you in you were a crap parent.  However, you also have to consider the mindset a potential partner is having coming into this.  They have to examine from the beginning that if things go well enough they have to accept your baggage it the form of a child from a previous man.  Yes, I just referred to your child as baggage.  Contain your butt hurt and continue reading.


This child is not their responsibility, it is yours.  The other thing that will be your responsibility is balancing your child and the needed time to develop a strong relationship.  If you cannot do that then spare them and stop dating until you can.  It is not fair to try to have someone fill your life as a temporary emotional Band-Aid if the logistics of holding it together aren’t there.  Don’t lead people on.

You may want to also consider putting yourself in the shoes of the man who is even considering dating you.  He is actually considering taking on the responsibility for a life or lives he did not create, has no ties to and he is still standing there?  You say you can’t find a good man….  Is it possible you are completely conceited in your thoughts on what you deserve?  Think about the gravity of being a man and saying yes to this scenario.  There is not a whole lot of other acts a man can make that are as self-sacrificing as being a father to kids that are not his.


All of this is building to me making this point… Our dating society is far too self-serving.  Western society has become too conceited.  Relationships will only begin to hold together and people will only be happy again in them when we stop undervaluing each other.  The reason I have targeted single mothers in this article is that they seem to be the worst.  You have the least to bring to the table and expect the most.  Start getting real.  Be reasonable in your approach or start getting used to being disappointed.


You don’t have to like my perspective, I am just not afraid to give you the insight on how the male mind views this.  To us, this is the truth of dating you.  This is why you are still single mothers.



A thirty three year old childless male that kept it in his pants.


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Michelle Obama: Supporting gender inequality.

Michelle Obama: Supporting gender inequality.

Ok first lady Obama.  You continue to amaze me in your fight for gender superiority.  That’s right, I said superiority.  Like most feminist in today’s age.  You have perpetuated yourself into a bias that flies a flag of equality but it is a false banner.  I’ve now seen more than one report of you talking about gender equality where you do no such thing.


Why do I say that? Because on top of being sexist even against your own husband, the president as I showed in my last article, now I see you a few months back once again talking with Oprah and your catch phrase directed solely to men was “be better.”

be better.

Now as a man I can expect that we can all do better….all of us.  Including women also.  It was inexcusable to lump all the blame on men but that is a typical victim move that feminist deploy.  I wouldn’t expect any of you to take any responsibility for your own actions or a part of the blame in the gender equality.  You know, because patriarchy.

maxresdefault (2)

Misogyny…. I thought I would get that one out of the way for you too. Seriously, are any of you so called gender equality speakers ever going to address that there are cultural expectations that women still have on men that in a world of equality is nothing more than a sad double standard? Probably not, all I have seen is you furthering agendas that help your gender and that is not equality.


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Michelle Obama: Sexist

Who knew the first lady was sexist?  I certainly did not but as time goes on I am starting to wonder why these self-entitled waste of space called feminist surprise me anymore.  I was just reading over an article in MRCTV.ORG and found a piece written by Ashley Rae Goldenburg.

obama said what

In this piece Goldenburg quoted a conversation between first lady Obama and Oprah Winfery.  Michelle Obama goes on in this piece to state that men do not have demands on their time that make them prioritize in the way that women do.  That is laughable when your husband literally holds the world up on his shoulders dealing with global politics on a daily basis.

micelle obama being sexist

Please explain to me how you have more priorities on your time than the president of the United States!  This statement from her cannot show how truly conceited western women have gotten.  This self-entitlement flows from the very top of the feminist ladder and poisons every other aspect of our society that deals with real gender equality.


You may not like Milo Yiannopoulos but at least his statement that feminism having become cancerous rings true.  Is it any surprise MGTOW grows daily?  I have been personally welcoming more and more MGTOW brothers into the fold every day.  I am proud to see so many men standing up and putting their fist into the air cheering that they won’t take this bullshit anymore!


Spread the word men.  The mentalist is with you.


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So now you want to settle?

So now you want to settle?

I just got done reading an article so full of hogwash I just could not sit by and let it stand.  This article was from a woman in her 40’s talking about how nice guys finish best and it could not be more wrong or one sided to the woman’s gynocentric point of view.


She iterated that men come out ahead as nice guys because when women get ready to settle down they want a nice guy.  So, let me get this straight.  I am supposed to spend my young years just preparing for when you decide you want a nice provider, family man and all around beta male and then just accept that you have spent all your young prime and attractive years giving it up to the bad boys that you were too dumb to figure out were never going to be family men? Never going to do what they should or be good to you and now I am supposed to be okay with that?  I think now that your hitting the wall and things aren’t looking so great you just don’t want to end up alone.


Us MGTOW men have a saying.  Men age like wine and women age like milk.  We become more attractive with age while your marketplace value goes down.  Why would we settle on you now when you would not give us the time of day before?  We won’t.


Also, I would probably have to raise his bastard child or children.  Exactly where is the incentive in this for me?  You can try to paint it, twist it or work it any way you want but the truth of that matter is that you are being beyond selfish and trying to use your universal pussy pass to have your cake and eat it too.


Now they wonder how MGTOW started.  No, this is not fair to men and you should be ashamed of yourselves for expecting it.  You constantly go around talking about how you want to be treated like a queen but you treat your men like garbage, you make us disposable, utilitarian and when you don’t always get your way you become raving bitches to us.


The tides are turning ladies.  Until you learn how to become respectable in a relationship MGTOW will grow and eventually you will all be alone until you catch the memo.  Until then, this is how we will view women with this kind of attitude.


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So in recent events Clementine Ford, an all-round hate mongering douche bag was recently banned from Facebook.  If you search for her you will only find this error screen.

cf ford unavail

I went in search of some of her other social media accounts and found out some other interesting developments.  Her twitter is gone as well!

CF twitter gone

I cannot for the life of me understand how one person can harbor such hate for an entire group of people.  I can tell you however, that this attitude towards men from third wave feminism only drives more men into MGTOW every day.  What attitude you wonder?  Well, one where we are told to die just because we are men, are shamed because of our gender.  Don’t believe it?  Look at these post from this washed up third wave feminist leader.

clem ford hate speech

As you can see she got served a well-deserved ban.  Still think men don’t have a point?  We see this every day in the news, in media, on talk shows and in music.  We have become the targets of a massive amount of gender bias and double standards and the only reason we are given for it is “because patriarchy.”


We are labeled “misogynist” if we so much as disagree with a feminist theory.  Since when was it ok to try shaming people just because they don’t agree with you?  I don’t believe that’s a very conducive way to either change someone’s opinions or make yourself out to be reasonable, do you?


Over the last couple of years men have had to endure being told they are “obsolete” and lately comedian Sarah Silverman has been getting in on the man shaming as well.  On top of her rather ludicrous 30 trillion campaign you can see from this excerpt out of a couple of years ago she was basically telling men they don’t matter in society.

sarah silverman quote

Is this the kind of society we want?  One without equality on either side of the gender dynamic?  This is not the world I want.  I hope we can eventually forge a new path for future generations.  Luckily, the action of Ford getting banned shows that people are waking up to the hate that feminism is spreading towards men and anyone who supports us.  This is a victory and for today, we celebrate it.


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So you say there is a pay gap.

So you say there is a pay gap.

So as I was reading through the bumbling butt hurt factory that is the feminist and transgender community (Oh yes, I am going there.)  I came across the crowdfunding program that Sarah Silverman is trying to start in order to raise a ludicrous 30 trillion dollars to fuel “closing the pay gap” for women.

Now, if the pay gap existed in the manner in which it was portrayed I would be all for it.  Women should earn just as much as men and I am ok with that.  I would however like to put forth another perspective in which essentially the pay gap is in fact, a myth as a whole.  There are exceptions to every rule but the pay gap is viewed as a blanket so I am going to approach it as such.

I would like to call this theory the “societal reimbursement argument.” Let’s say for a moment that the wage gap did in fact exist.  Great, would it be fair?  Most people would answer no.  I won’t tell you that you are wrong for it but let’s examine all the facts before we answer because there may be more gray area than you have previously perceived.

According to there is in fact a pay gap that can be found in this link.

Here is the graph they use to demonstrate their analysis.

pay gap (economist)

So the wage gap is real, right?  Hmm, maybe there is more we should be looking at.  But what?

The Economist article did state that the major reason for the pay gap was due to the positions that women held.  Not many women are in the higher paying positions.  So why is that?  One reason is that they aren’t choosing to pursue those roles.  Here is some evidence to that statement.

economist percentages.JPG

I am drawing the following info from research done by at the following link:

Here is a graph they use to show jobs that women tend to go for as a majority.

jobs women choose (businessinsider).png

So this shows a large part of the pay gap is quite possibly perpetuated on women by themselves if you take both these articles and put the information together because the pay gap is being calculated vs median income levels.  Ouch, I know that truth stings a little but the evidence is all there.  Let’s move on to another interesting fact.


Did you know that even if you still believe the pay gap is there, because of our societal structure 90 percent of women control the major household spending?  How can that be true?  How can women control more money than men if they make less?  It’s called “domestic spending” most women have control of the finances in the common household.  Info can be found here:

Here are some cut outs that show my points:

personal wealth of women (business insider).JPG


large purchases by women.JPG

This goes to show that “societal reimbursement” I mentioned before.  This shows two prime examples of how the wage gap only exist because women are perpetrating it on themselves and even if it does, they are getting it all back.  Ladies, if you want to close the pay gap stop blaming men and start going for the higher paying positions.  If you want equality after that, start paying your fair share.  You may not like my article, it may downright offend you.  Fortunately, I am okay with that. The old saying goes “the truth hurts.”

Ridiculous things in feminism over the last few weeks.

Ridiculous things in feminism over the last few weeks.

So, with my CPU acting up over the past few weeks and not being able to produce media content, I wanted to at least update my fan base by any means necessary as to the happenings in the gender political arena.  Primarily, I am somewhat annoyed and simultaneously amused at the ridiculous things the feminist agenda is whining about this time.


First let’s say thank you to the awesome men at the Westerly Yacht Club of Rhode Island a couple of weeks back for saying no to allowing women full memberships.  wycMen still have one more space where they can just be men without women elbowing in.  Congratulations men, and good job.   It is a small victory for the Meninist and MGTOW movements but it is still a victory.


The ladies failed to get the two thirds majority vote needed by the clubs bylaws to allow them in.  The most humorous aspect of this was that some ladies wanted it to fail because they were convinced some women would get a full membership in an attempt to steal away their boyfriends and husbands….  Hypergamy anyone?

women dont trust women WYC

One of the feminist rebuttals was that not even Taylor Swift who would be eligible to be a member based on zip code could join because of the refusal to let women in.  I can only wonder who cares.  Isn’t Taylor Swift the would be country version of Nickelback?  1112-taylor-swift-getty-10I’ll save you some time and sum up all of her music in one statement.  “He left me.” There, I have saved your ears much trepidation in attempting to listen to Taylor Swift.  You’re welcome.


In the next order of business some members of Hollywood seem surprised that Feminism: the movie, I mean the new Ghostbusters reboot failed.  Really?  That movie was getting negative commentary since it began and people saw what you were doing with it.  Yet, you are surprised.  Wow, thick-headed much?  On top of that, you released it at the same time a much better movie like Star Trek is your competitor.  That was like stacking a pile of trash next to a stack of gold bricks and asking people to choose.  No brainer. GB tanks


Finally I come to this…. Frankly, I cannot believe this was passed into law in some areas or even became a thing.  The subway man spread.  This is what happens when feminist are running out of things to bitch about.  Never mind that ladies take up multiple seats with their bags and what other bullshit they have, we must find fault with the men somehow.


I can only imagine some feminist wake up out of bed and their first thought is how they can annoy men today.  Till next time gents, this has been the Mentalist.


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